Vacation on holidays

First impressions of the winter sea in Bulgaria

How is life by the sea during the winter months? Is it really as damp and windy as some people have told me?

Is it worth visiting Varna in winter?

For many, the winter months offer much more than lying on the beach.

New Year 2016 in Dubai!

Where is the best place to celebrate the new year Once again, the city is preparing for the holiday like no other. After breaking the world fireworks record for the largest and longest fireworks in the world during New Year's Day 2014, Dubai plans to make the coming New Year even more spectacular than ever before! An amazing program has already been prepared for guests and residents! 

Marriage abroad

   A few years ago, a wedding abroad seemed to be exclusively the prerogative of the rich and famous. At the present time, truly limitless opportunities open up for those wishing to marry to turn the celebration into an unforgettable event.

Halloween: A Journey for the Daredevils

The Halloween holiday came to us from the West and still causes some concern among the majority of our fellow countrymen. And no wonder, because according to legend, this day (October 30) is considered a kind of holiday for all evil spirits.

Overview of the best festivals in the world

   Experienced travelers say that you can get acquainted with the culture of a particular state by visiting a traditional holiday or festival. Every year, a huge number of various festivals are held in the world, striking in their scale and beauty.

Dubai New Year 2015 Earth Record NewYear

  On New Year's Eve in Dubai, an LED screen was installed on the Burj Khalifa tower, which is one of the attractions of the UAE, for broadcasting fireworks, laser and light shows. P

Valentine's Day: Romantic Weekend

  A bright and sensual holiday, Valentine's Day is a great occasion to strengthen relationships with your loved one, and at the same time gain new experiences by visiting the most romantic places on our planet.

New Year's celebrations in Europe (part II)

  We continue to introduce you to the cities of Europe, where you can have fun to celebrate the New Year and get a lot of vivid impressions.
The main winter holiday in Finland is Christmas. If you want to celebrate the New Year in this country, head to Helsinki.

New Year's celebrations in Europe (part I)

  New Year is a special holiday, so you want to spend it unusually. If you are bored with the predictable New Year's scenario at the family table, and your soul yearns for vivid impressions, go to one of the European countries.
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