New York

Interesting sights of New York. Sculpture "Lunch on a skyscraper".

Sculpture lunch on a New York skyscraper If you are in the right place at the right time, you can see an interesting attraction not only in New York, but also in America as a whole - a sculpture of 11 people sitting on a metal beam.
And although this creation is 15 years old (created in 2001), its history began more than 80 years ago!

An unusual park in New York - High Line Park.

Unusual parks of New York High Line Park photo For some reason, it is generally accepted that in New York the park that you need to see is Central Park. We do not argue, it is really worth visiting there. But there are no less interesting parks in New York. We have already mentioned one of them, Fort Tryon Park in the northern part of Manhattan, where The Cloisters Museum is located.
Another park that has become a landmark in New York is High Line Park .

Unusual New York - Churches of New York. Part 4

 We continue our acquaintance with the churches of New York. Central Presbyterian Church photo 
This time we will get acquainted with two churches located on 5th Avenue - the Jewish temple of Emanu-El and the church of St. Thomas . And also see two churches located on Park Avenue - Central Presbyterian Church and Christ Church .

Unusual New York - Churches of New York. Part 3

Ukrainian Church in New York photo
On 2nd Avenue, it is impossible not to notice the stunningly beautiful building in the neo-Gothic style with stained glass windows Tiffany -  Middle Collegiate Church
Church of the Ascension , which was the first church to appear on 5th Avenue.
The stunning Grace on Broadway, which celebrated its 200th anniversary.
As well as a beautiful building in the Byzantine style -  the Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. George. 
These are just some of the churches in New York! Beautiful buildings with an interesting history.

Unusual New York - Churches of New York. Part 2.

judson church photo new york
  The Immigrant House of Hope, the Hudson Riverside Wharf Workers Church, and the progressive Judson Church, which hosts theater venues and art galleries, are just some of New York's churches, some of the many beautiful buildings with an interesting history in this metropolis.

Unusual New York - Churches of New York. Part 1.

st patrick According to statistics, about 40 million tourists come to the Big Apple every year! Everyone sets out to visit Times Square, walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, climb one of the city's observation decks and see all sorts of must see and must visit
But there are places that are of great importance in the life of Americans, but are not something significant for tourists. 
These are New York churches. 
We want to show you another New York - unusual and interesting.
Show its architecture and history.

Unusual sights of New York - The Cloisters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art The Cloisters  I wonder how many people associate New York with monasteries and castles?..
There are probably very, very few of them compared to the total mass of tourists visiting New York every year. We even dare to suggest that, probably, not every New Yorker knows about such a landmark of his city as The Cloisters, that is, the "Monastery". 
And the place is worth a visit! 
Medieval building in Manhattan!

Free New York Attractions. federal hall

Federal Hall photo New York In the center of the Financial District of New York at 26 Wall Street is a building that is not only interesting in itself, but also with a long and rich history - Federal Hall .
A place where life was seething in the new city of New York. The place where the first President of the United States, George Washington, was inaugurated. The place where many key events of the States took place. And the place that justifies its location in the Financial District today is the vault of the United States and considerable amounts of money were within these walls.

Cheap and beautiful. See New York from a bird's eye view.

 Roosevelt Island Tram fotoToday in New York there are 3 public observation decks.
These are the observation deck at the Empire State Building , the " Top of the Rock " at the Rockfeller Center, and the One World Observatory at the new World Trade Center that opened in 2015 .
There is a lot of information about these three places on the Internet. Yes, and we also wrote. Therefore, we will not dwell on them.
We want to tell you about one more option "to see New York from above" - ​​very affordable and no less interesting!

How to see the Statue of Liberty for free

Statue of Liberty in New York photo
 Despite the fact that New York is considered to be quite an expensive city, you can also find completely free entertainment or activities there. And those for which people pay money. A few life hacks on how to see the Liberty Sataya or visit the M oMA Museum of Contemporary Art without spending a single cent.
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