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What makes Bulgarian Rose perfume so luxurious

From Hollywood sirens to contemporary designer fragrances, rose remains a timeless and most sensual fragrance.

The best craft beer in the Balkans to try

Through experimentation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, the following seven Balkan beer brands combine unique flavors with distinctive designs

Interesting folk holidays and traditions unique to Bulgaria

Bulgarians try to be as modern as other Europeans, but they willingly keep their traditions and put them into practice.

Why do Bulgarians use the French word "Merci"

Most words in Bulgarian sound strange, especially if you haven't studied another Slavic language such as Russian or Serbian, and only occasionally do you hear something familiar, such as French merci for "thank you"  or  Italian  ciao  for  "  goodbye  "

A Brief History of Rakia - Bulgaria's National Drink

Each foreigner who is lucky enough to be invited to dinner with the Bulgarians will be served a glass of strong national drink
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