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Bulgarian Shopska salad - an invention of the communist era

Shopska salad is one of the most famous Bulgarian dishes that tourists should try while visiting the country.

Mystical Bulgaria

Bulgaria hides many miracles, well-known and not so well known. Many of them are filled with mysticism, intertwined with local legends and beliefs, as well as stories passed down from generation to generation.

Practical guide to lifestyle in Bulgaria

 Most major cities in Bulgaria have a significant expat community and this number will increase

30 funniest words in Bulgarian

I note right away that in this article I in no way wanted to offend the Bulgarians

Interesting facts about Bulgaria, which you did not even know

Today we will make a virtual trip to Bulgaria and learn many interesting facts about the life, geography, traditions of local peoples

Living spring of French culture

  In every corner of France there are priceless treasures of culture. Architectural monuments from different eras have survived, and you can use them to study the history of the development of art. The cathedral in Autun, designed in the Romanesque style, is a bright representative of the architecture of the 11th-12th centuries. 


7 interesting facts about Lake Svityaz

 Svityaz is the deepest lake of natural origin in Ukraine. The greatest depth of Svityaz exceeds 58 meters

Rafflesia - the largest flower in the world

Rafflesia plant photo
 Rafflesia - the largest flower in the world!
 It is unusual not only for its size, but also for its shape and appearance.
A unique plant that has no roots, no leaves, no stem. 
A flower that needs several years to "live" a few days.

The most unusual houses in the world are the buildings of Frank Gehry.

 the most unusual buildings in the world photoThe buildings of Frank Gehry are outstanding structures that are simply impossible not to notice.
No straight walls, no classic buildings. Curved and broken lines, wavy facades, non-standard architectural forms and unusual materials. A building that resembles a ship with wind-filled sails; a building with a facade in the form of waves; the building in the form of folded sheets of paper and many other buildings of extremely unusual shapes - this is all the style of Frank Gehry.
He is also called the "Genius of Deconstructivism". 
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