Pilgrimage to holy places

Attractions of the Vatican

  The Vatican is essentially a grandiose architectural complex that combines fortifications, temples and palaces. The Vatican was erected almost on the site of the existence of the gardens of Emperor Nero and the ancient circus.

Treasury of Orthodox shrines - Greece (part II)

  The capital of Greece - Athens is famous for its ancient monuments and is considered the cradle of modern civilization. There are many Christian churches here that are of interest to pilgrims. The Church of St. George is located on the top of Lycabettus Hill.

Treasury of Orthodox shrines - Greece (part I)

Pilgrimage to holy places is one of the oldest traditions and an important part of the life of people who profess Orthodoxy. Since ancient times, believers have gone on a long and difficult journey to the significant shrines of Orthodoxy in order to be cleansed of sins and receive blessings.

Orthodox shrines in Egypt

  Egypt is a country with centuries of Christian history. In our material, we will talk about some Orthodox shrines in Egypt, where many pilgrims from our country come every year.

Pilgrimage to Turkey

  Turkey is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of our compatriots who prefer a beach holiday. However, in this Muslim country there are many Orthodox shrines erected during the prosperity of the Byzantine Empire.

Pilgrimage to the holy places of Jerusalem

   Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world - its official history is about four thousand years old, although already in the fourth millennium BC, according to scientists, the first permanent settlements appeared on the territory of modern Jerusalem.