How to Survive a Bulgarian Wedding

A wedding in Bulgaria is fun, noisy, and sometimes puzzles foreigners. There are many traditions that have been followed in the past, but today young people often choose only some of them and skip others. 

11 Things All Bulgarians Miss When They Move Abroad

  3.5 million Bulgarians live outside of Bulgaria and around the world (for comparison, there are a little bit more than 7 million Bulgarians living in the country). Some of those living abroad have found compact Bulgarian expat communities, but even when surrounded by fellow countrymen, there are many things they miss from their homeland. Here are some of the things Bulgarians are most nostalgic about when living abroad.

The surviving secrets of Bulgaria

 Dive deeper into the mysteries of Bulgaria and discover the most interesting hidden gems of this small Balkan state. Often visited only by locals, these architectural, natural and historical sites will rekindle your spirit of discovery.

Regional guide to Bulgarian cuisine

 Bulgaria is a small country and its cuisine does not differ much from region to region. However, there are some regions in the country that manage to preserve their authentic culinary traditions and even Bulgarians have to travel 200 kilometers to try the local dish

How much money should I take with me on vacation to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the most accessible places in Europe. The inquisitive traveler will not be disappointed. However, it is still important to have an idea of ​​how much money you will spend.

Trifon Zarezan: an alternative to Valentine's Day in Bulgaria

Every year on Valentine's Day, Bulgarians not only celebrate the day of love (or miss the absence of it), but also celebrate the Day of Saint Tryphon, the patron saint of vineyards. This day is dedicated to wine and feasts. A cultural excursion allows you to take a different look at the history of this centuries-old tradition and an alternative to the day of flowers and chocolate

Sinemorets - a secret seaside village in Bulgaria

If you're more into quiet, naturally preserved seaside villages and hidden gems, head south close to the Turkish border to discover Sinemorets

Traveler in Bulgaria

Choose comfortable shoes and an adventurous mood when you go with your family to Bulgaria. This Balkan country is somewhat of an unusual destination, but that just makes the trip feel like a lot of exploration!

Why Bulgarians are so proud of their yogurt

Bulgarian yogurt has long been considered the secret to longevity and good health, it is part of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine, a cure for hangovers and even sunburn.

Why do Bulgarians shake their heads to say yes?

 Although Bulgarians know they are different in this aspect, they rarely wonder why this is true.