Bus tours in Europe

Czech Republic – the country of castles

 When talking about trips to the Czech Republic, the first thing we remember is its architectural masterpieces. Many ancient castles and towns are well preserved or carefully restored.

Favorable breezes of Bulgaria

    Bulgaria can rightly be called a country of mountains. The Stara Planina Ridge (Bulgarian name for the Balkans), 420 km long, divides the country almost in half. In the southern and southwestern parts of the country there are massifs of the Rhodope, Rila and Perin mountains. Mountainous terrain makes up 28% of the area of ​​the state.

Octoberfest 2015

    Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals! Every autumn, this event attracts thousands of beer and fun lovers! And this year, for the 182nd time, Munich will host guests. Octoberfest dates are from September 19 to October 4.

Spa holidays in Romania

  In the southeast of central Europe is one of the most mysterious countries - Romania. In this state, all conditions have been created for a comfortable stay, including medical and recreational.

We invite you to visit Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest 2014, bus tour, tour from Kyiv Oktoberfest is listed in the Guinness Book of Records and is considered the largest folk festival in the world.

Time to go to Greece! Holidays on the Aegean coast!

Neo Pori Greece It's time to think about vacation...
...it's time to go to Greece
5 nights on the Aegean coast!!! The cozy resort of Neo Pori invites you 

Holidays on the coast of Italy and Spain! And beautiful Swiss lakes!

Bus Tour Italy Lido di Jesolo
Holidays on the coast of Italy or Spain with  the opportunity to fill your piggy bank of impressions with interesting excursions!

Bulgaria and Turkey! Bus tours with seaside holidays!

Bulgaria Turkey bus
Bulgaria and Turkey!
Bus tours
with seaside holidays!
No overnight travel!

Bus tours with seaside holidays!

bus tours with holidays at sea Bulgaria GreeceA few more days - and here it is the long-awaited summer ! A selection of bus tours with seaside holidays. Choose! 

Bus tours to Greece with holidays at sea!

Bus tours to Greece from Ukraine with holidays at sea   Holidays in Greece inexpensive - it's possible!
Actual tours for June in Greece!
There are still places.
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