Rest on the sea

Beaches, sea and entertainment in the resort of Constantine and Elena in Bulgaria

The resort complex Saints Constantine and Helena is located in a park on the seashore along the relief seashore

Golden Sands - the pearl of Bulgaria

Currently, Golden Sands is popular for its beach area.

Five best cities to live in Bulgaria

The selection is based on the results of surveys of local residents. When ranking, the environmental situation, the situation in the labor market, the infrastructure for living with a family, the level of medical care and education were taken into account.

Luxurious Croatian beaches

  In a country with a thousand-year history, tourists will get acquainted with ancient architectural monuments, magnificent palaces and cathedrals, beautiful nature and, of course, an unforgettable vacation at the most modern resorts.

Overview of the beaches of Montenegro

  There is a version that the name of the country - Montenegro - comes from the dense and impenetrable forests that cover the local mountains. Black rocks, cypress groves, ancient buildings, mountain villages, turquoise waters of the Atlantic Sea and natural attractions give a special charm to this amazing country, where thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year.
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