First impressions of the winter sea in Bulgaria

First impressions of the winter sea in Bulgaria

So, a month after moving to Bulgaria, we went to see the sea coast of Bulgaria. Where we used to live, there was an ocean not far from us, on which it was uncomfortable even in summer, so I could only dream about the sea. But how is life by the sea during the winter months? Is it really as damp and windy as some people have told me? And so, as we have already heard other people, that Varna is a city where the state invests more than in Burgas, and I suggested going there first.

Walking around the city, I immediately noticed that Varna is a cleaner city than Sofia, people are calmer, and the atmosphere in it seemed to me more comfortable.

Remembering the weather in Canada (usually -30 degrees below zero and snowfalls of 40 centimeters), you can enjoy the temperature of +10 and the freshness of Varna's sea air. And this is during the winter months!

We rented accommodation the day before we arrived in Varna via the Internet. It was a two bedroom apartment 10 minutes walk from the marine park. It was very cold in the apartment, the air conditioners hung in every room did not cope with heating the air at all, and sometimes it even seemed that, on the contrary, they created cold jets around the room. But this, perhaps, was almost the only significant minus of this apartment.

After two nights, we went to spend the night in a hotel, where just an ordinary electric portable battery was able to heat the entire rented attic.

The day after that we reserve a room at the Therma Palace spa hotel in the town of Kranevo. Since it rained all day, we spent all our time there, enjoying the salt vegetable baths and the warm mineral water in the pool. For the first time, we used the “service” from garra rufa fish, which supposedly cleanse the skin by doing micromassage. We were also lucky with the price because it was a vacation and we had a good discount through the booking site.

We visited the city of Balchik with its botanical garden on the seashore, founded in 1955. in this area in 1921. The summer residence of the Romanian Queen Maria was built. We also tasted unique local wines and brandy for free. I have never tasted such natural fragrant and tasty wines anywhere else. On the territory of this reserve, we also found stand-alone mini-houses that can be rented in the summer.

Moving to Nessebar, where we planned to spend one night, we noticed unfinished houses. The hotel we rented looked nice and modern, but the room we got spoiled the whole impression: firstly, the boiler was broken in it and we had to go to take a shower in the next room, and secondly, there was the hood is right in the hall and the neighbors from above were preparing food in their kitchen, then all the smell and all the conversations filled our room.

But these are all everyday details. In general, the embankment here was simply gorgeous and Nessebar I remember most of all thanks to this wide, long embankment near the sea.

At the end of our trip, we were looking for somewhere else to relax and rent a room for a small price, and it turned out to be the city of Kiten. This town seemed small to us, but we were told that there is even a school there. When I opened the door at night to listen to the city, I heard complete silence.

Hospitable Bulgaria is glad to welcome guests at any time of the year, because every season is beautiful in its own way! In summer, tourists sunbathe and swim in the Black Sea with pleasure, in winter they go to ski resorts, and spring or autumn is a great time for sightseeing tours.