An unusual park in New York - High Line Park.

An unusual park in New York - High Line Park.

Unusual High Line parks in New York photo
High Line Park in New York
 For some reason, it is generally accepted that in New York the park you need to see is Central Park . We do not argue, it is really worth visiting there. But there are no less interesting parks in New York. We have already mentioned one of them Fort Tryon Park in the northern part of Manhattan, where The Cloisters Museum is located .
Another park that has become a landmark in New York is High Line Park .
 View of Chelsea from the High Line
View of Chelsea from the High Line

It is located in the Chelsea area on the western part of Manhattan Island (West Side).
At a height of 10 meters above the ground and for more than 2 kilometers, the alley of the park stretched with walking paths, benches, tables, places of rest, from where pleasing pictures of the Hudson River and the Chelsea region open up.
High Line Park in New York photo
High Line Park in New York

High Line Park, New York photo
High Line Park in New York

High Line Park is exactly the case when a masterpiece of urban architecture is created from the ruins, and an abandoned area is transformed into a new place of work and recreation for the New York bohemia.
Park in New York High Line photo
Walking areas in High Line Park, New York

The park is located on the site of a pre-existing railway line, which was built in the 1930s to remove freight trains from city streets, which were too much of a traffic hazard and a danger to pedestrians. This section of the railroad connected New York's manufacturing buildings with warehouses.
  But since the 1960s, thanks to the construction of an extensive network of highways and an intensive automobile industry, including trucks, road transport began to displace rail transport. The number of freight trains decreased, the volumes fell. And as a result, in 1980, the last freight train took 3 wagons of frozen turkey to the warehouse, and traffic on the line was stopped.
  The unclaimed overpass turned out to be abandoned.
High Line Park in New York photo
They decided to leave the old rails as elements of the park, High Line Park, New York

  In the late 1980s, the authorities decided to demolish the flyover (not the last role in this matter was played by the owners of the land under this very flyover).
But local residents came to her defense with a desire to revive the movement.
  Litigation lasted for more than one year, and as a result, it was decided to keep the overpass, but create a park on its basis.
The idea of ​​the park was developed by a non-profit foundation “Friends of the High Line”, created from a group of enthusiasts.
The concept was presented to the city authorities in 2004. with support from New York, Bloomberg's measure was approved and the foundation received $50 million to carry out the project. Bloomberg also attended a ceremony in April 2006 that marked the start of the park's construction.
 high line park
High Line Park Walk in New York

Part of the line was opened in 2009, another part in 2011. And the last (at the moment), third, section of the High Line was opened on September 21, 2014. Already after the opening of the first section of the park, it was clear that the project was more than successful. Despite the fact that the park in its current form is only a few years old, it receives more than one million tourists every year.
High Line Park photo
Just a few years - and the abandoned area turns into a green recreation area, High Line Park, New York

Gradually, this area from an abandoned place with a fairly high level of crime has turned into not only a new landmark of New York, but also into a new art platform where there is a place for contemporary art. Here, not only galleries are being opened on the site of former warehouses, but performances and installations are regularly held.
High Line Art New York
Einstein clearly knows something

galleries in New York
New galleries open on former warehouse site, Chelsea, New York

Throughout the park there are many green areas, there are places for rest, for a snack.
In the 10th Avenue area, part of the park is like an amphitheater in the air - a glassed-in space with benches where it's good to relax while watching the traffic on 10th Avenue.
Observation deck on the High Line photo
"Behind the Glass" High Line Observation Deck, New York
new york taxi photo
View of 10th Avenue from the High Line Observation Deck.

Park opening hours:
December 1 - March 31: 7:00 - 19:00
April 1 - May 31: 7:00 - 22:00
June 1 - September 30: 7:00 - 23:00
October 1 - November 30: 7:00 - 22:00
High Line Park New York photo
View of the nearby streets from the height of High Line Park, New York
Getting to High Line Park :
Gray subway line L or blue line A , C , E to 14 street/8 Avenue
Subway Blue Line C , E to 23 street/8 Avenue
Subway Red Line 1,  2,  3 to 14 street/7 Avenue
Subway Red Line 1 to 18 street/7 Avenue or 23 street/7 Avenue
Learn more about subway travel in New York here .
Buses :
M11 to Washington Street
M11 to 9th Avenue
M14 to 9th Avenue
M23 to 10th Avenue
M34 to 10th Avenue
The High Line has many climbs throughout the park.
You can walk around the city, go up, walk through the park, go down and explore the city further.
Below is a list of streets where you can climb the High Line (the park is wheelchair accessible).
 High Line Map High Line Map
Map of High Line Park in New York
 Gansevoort and Washington Street (has an elevator)
 14th Street (has an elevator)
 16th Street (has an elevator)
 18th street
 20th street
 23rd Street (has an elevator)
 26th Street
 28th street
 30th Street (has an elevator)
 30th Street and 11th Avenue
 34th Street and 12th Avenue (there is a gentle exit)
 At 16th Street and 14th Street (Gansevoort Street at the Diller - von Furstenberg Building)
There are also High Line Shops on 16th and 30th streets (street), open from April to October. (April-October).
The park is open to everyone, but there are some rules (10 meters above the ground after all).
In the park you cannot:
walking around green spaces
tear flowers or plants
Throw any object
sit on railings or climb them
Roller skating, skateboarding, bicycles, scooters
drink alcohol, except in special places
block the passages in any way.
It is forbidden to smoke and walk with dogs in the park .
Any commercial activity is prohibited (only with a special permit).
Calendar of events held in the High Line Park. 
More information can be found on the High Line official website .

Apart from the High Line Park, the Chelsea area is interesting in its own right. There are both old buildings and completely new creations of modern architects.
Chelsea area photo
Chelsea area, New York

 market in Chelsea photo
Gansevoort Market, Chelsea, New York

Unusual Buildings Frank Gehry New York
View of the Frank Gehry Building from High Line Park, New York

Walk, enjoy!
And have a good rest!