Pilgrimage to Turkey

Pilgrimage to Turkey

Turkey is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of our compatriots who prefer a beach holiday. However, in this Muslim country there are many Orthodox shrines erected during the prosperity of the Byzantine Empire.

As you know, the capital of the Byzantine Empire was the city of Constantinople (Tsargrad). It is from the name of this city that the name of the city of Istanbul came about, in which there are several Orthodox shrines. During the reign of the Byzantine emperor Constantine, the main beacon of the empire was located on the embankment of Constantinople - Phanar. On this embankment there is now the residence of the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew and the monastery of St. George the Victorious, which are first visited by Orthodox pilgrims from our country. The Patriarchal St. George's Church is the place where the relics of St. Euphemia, Empress Theophania, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom are kept. Also here are the miraculous icons of the Virgin and the pillar to which the Savior was tied during the scourging.

The construction of one of the most famous monuments of Christianity in Constantinople - the Hagia Sophia began in 532 and lasted five years. This unique example of medieval architecture is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and today has the status of a museum. "The Church of Divine Wisdom" and "The Main Cathedral of Christianity" - this is how Orthodox Christians call the majestic church of Hagia Sophia. According to legend, the gates of the temple are made from the remains of Noah's ark, and the soaring dome is tied to heaven with a chain. Grand Duchess Olga, who was the first Russian pilgrim to Constantinople, was baptized in this cathedral. Near Hagia Sophia is the temple of the Holy Martyr Irene.
In the Blachernae Church, you can bow to the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Pilgrims are truly admired by the unique temple of the First Martyr Stepan, which is made of iron. The Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring is famous for its holy spring, where you can see unusual fish. Here are the tombs of the Patriarchs of Constantinople, made of beautiful marble.
The resort city of Antalya is well known to our compatriots. In the city museum, pilgrims can venerate the relics of St. Nicholas. Once the relics of the great saint, which were in the Lycian Worlds, were stolen by Italian merchants. And only relatively recently, part of the relics was returned by the Italians and placed in the museum of the city of Antalya. Another place is connected with St. Nicholas in Turkey - Demre. It was here that the great saint did good deeds until his death. In the local temple-museum there is a tomb where the remains of the relics of the saint, returned by the Italians from Bari, were kept. Pilgrims take part in worship, and then set off on a journey to get acquainted with other Orthodox shrines in Turkey.

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