Travel for pensioners

Travel for pensioners

 Citizens of European countries call the retirement age “the second youth”. While the vast majority of pensioners from our country are trying to find a part-time job, their cheerful foreign peers go to see the world. This is probably why domestic travel agencies can offer a limited number of retirement tours, which we will talk about.

 First of all, pension tours in our country are focused on low cost, a relaxing holiday, full-fledged treatment or the availability of additional medical procedures, the attention of attendants and good service. It also takes into account the fact that pensioners love excursions, walks, concerts and other age-appropriate entertainment. The largest number of pensioners go on vacation abroad in the so-called "off season", which reduces the cost of vacation and even has some advantages. For example, from July to August, the largest number of tourists is observed on the coasts of Italy . From September it is not so crowded, although the sea remains warm and the heat subsides. Therefore, it is better for pensioners to visit Italian resorts in September-October.

 For retirement holidays, the most suitable are the countries of the Mediterranean. European resorts have good beaches, excellent health opportunities and a wide range of suitable excursion programs. It should be noted that European countries have been successfully specializing in retirement holidays for a long time, so travel agencies offer various bonuses to customers.

 The most popular among people of retirement age are tours to Spain , Franceand southern Italy. In addition, a considerable number of pensioners are attracted by favorable rates for accommodation in Slovenia, Montenegro and Croatia at a time when the peak of the season is behind them. Pensioners from our country speak very warmly about their holidays in the Balkans. Vacationers are pleased with the similarity of languages, the cordiality and goodwill of the local population and acceptable food. In winter, pensioners can go on vacation to the Baltic States or Cyprus.

 Admirers of the exotic can visit Tunisia (November-April) or Egypt (October-November, March-May). In addition to a beach holiday in Tunisia, you can lose weight and rejuvenate with the help of thalassotherapy. Domestic travel agencies offer retirement tours to Israel. Vacationers are taken by sanatoriums on the shores of the Dead Sea, where you can improve your health and get acquainted with the sights of the Promised Land.

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