Higher education in Poland: European quality at a reasonable price.

Higher education in Poland: European quality at a reasonable price.

The system of higher education in Poland.

   As you know, since 2004 the Republic of Poland has been a member of the European Union. During this period, the system of higher education in Poland was radically reformed and organized in accordance with the Bologna process. At present, there are 457 educational institutions in the state that provide higher education. Of these, 131 have public funding and 326 commercial. About 2 million students are educated in Polish universities.
All the largest universities in Poland provide the opportunity to receive education both in Polish and in English. This allows a student studying in English to receive, in addition to a Polish diploma, a diploma from one of the famous British universities (for example, Oxford). This is due to the fact that study programs in English are compiled by leading British universities.

Higher education in Poland

Free higher education in Poland

   In Poland, there is an opportunity to receive higher education for free. To do this, several conditions must be met. First you need to have sufficient knowledge of the Polish language. This opportunity is provided only in public universities, which have free places for foreign students. The number of such places is very limited and getting to them is far from easy. will have to pass entrance exams, followed by a competitive selection. In non-state universities in Poland, tuition is paid, but tuition in them, as a rule, is cheaper than in the vast majority of rating Russian and Ukrainian universities, and it is enough to pass an interview for admission. The cost of education in commercial universities starts from 1000-1300 Euros per academic year. Bachelor's degree (remember,
   Almost all Polish universities provide students with housing or assist in finding it. The cost of living in Poland, and in particular Warsaw, is considered one of the lowest in Europe. A rented apartment in Warsaw will cost much less than similar housing in Moscow or St. Petersburg, food costs will be approximately the same.
   While studying, students have the right to work. During the training, students can conclude a contract with European companies, undergo internships and internships while studying both in Poland and abroad. It also provides for a deferment from the army and the opportunity for the student's parents to obtain a visitor visa to Poland to visit their children.

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