Dubai Shopping Festival 2016. Entertainment. Classical, ballet, musical

Dubai Shopping Festival 2016. Entertainment. Classical, ballet, musical

Dubai New Year photo
The last days of Dubai's preparations for the New Year and the new festival Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 are passing, which will begin its work on the first day of the year - January 1, 2016. Despite the fact that although it is called a "shopping festival" and attracts many people with huge discounts and a good choice, a lot of attention is paid to entertainment and all kinds of events. As we wrote earlier, top DJs Gavid Guetta and Martin Garris will entertain guests and residents of the city , there will be plenty of entertainment and carousels for children. For lovers of the classics - ballet, classical music evenings and much more. 
  Gala Ballet Dubai
Ballet Gala 2016
07 . 0 1 – 01/08/2016
The third annual Ballet Gala will once again bring the beauty of French classical ballet from one of the world's most revered companies to Dubai audiences. Enjoy an evening of dance where dancers will perform elements of classical and contemporary pieces from the collection of the Paris National Opera.
This year there will be a performance by Dorothy Gilbert, holder of the Etoile title - the highest level at the Paris Opera. Likewise, the evening will feature solo performances by a young generation of talented dancers.
Detailed information here
Entrance: 250 – 495 AED
Venue: Madinat Theater
 Musical Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Dubai
Broadway musical "Beauty and the Beast"
06.01.2016 09.01.2016
For the first time ever, Disney's acclaimed musical Beauty and the Beast is coming to Dubai!
This complex theatrical production will come to life on stage at the Dubai World Trade Center during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2016.
It's a classic musical love story filled with unforgettable characters, lush sets, and gorgeous costumes.
Fill the evening with romance with Beauty and the Beast!
More information here
Entrance: 250 AED
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center
 Dubai Classics
Dubai Classics 2016 ( Day 1 )
11.0 2.2016
An evening of classical music Dubai Classics will give you time in the company of amazing performers and great music. Three great violinists, Jozsef Lendvay, Stefan Horvath and Sergey Krylov will perform some of the greatest pieces of music.
Maestro Fabio Mastrangelo and the chamber orchestra "Northern Sinfonietta" will also be on stage.
Of course, it will be an evening of elegant and beautiful music!
Tickets can be purchased  here
Entrance: Silver - 200 AED, Gold - 275 AED, Plalinum - 350 AED, VIP - 500 AED, Royal - 950 AED
Venue: Sheikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center
 Dubai Classic Dubai Classics Charles Aznavour
Dubai Classics 2016 ( Day 2 )
12.0 2.2016
Charles Aznavour is a French-Armenian artist known for his music and activism. Known as the French Frank Sinatra and named CNN's Entertainer of the Century in 1988, Charles Aznavour has a place of his own in the music world and it's hard to find a musician equal to him. Its audience includes presidents, popes and royalty. This musical maestro will be in Dubai for just one night during the Dubai Classics.
More information here.
Entrance: Silver - 250 AED, Gold - 550 AED, Plalinum - 750 AED, Diamond - 895 AED, VIP - 1095 AED, Royal - 2500 AED
Venue: Dubai World Trade Center

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