Dubai Shopping Festival DSF-2016

Dubai Shopping Festival DSF-2016

 Dubai shopping festival dates
Two months will fly by and Dubai will once again host millions of tourists at its annual Dubai Shopping Festival.
And again he will amaze, delight and surprise!        
And be sure, this time it will be even brighter and more unforgettable!
As we already wrote , with the beginning of the year, the festival in Dubai will also begin. The grand opening will take place on January 1, 2016. 
By the way, this event is preceded by not less grandiose celebration of the New Year in Dubai with performances by world stars - David Guetta and Martin Harris .
And during the month, tourists and guests of the festival will be entertained by thousands of musicians, singers, actors, animators, etc.
After all, despite the status of "trading", the festival has long ceased to be just a platform for large shopping. This is a grand event with a huge amount of entertainment . Every year the spectacles become more spectacular, and the illuminations more and more interesting! And when it seems that there is nothing to impress, Dubai surprises once again! Surely this will be the case this time too!
We would like to remind you that since 2014, the UAE has introduced a new tax "Tourist Dirham", which is paid on the spot at the hotel. Find out more so as not to have unpleasant surprises on your vacation.
When choosing a hotel, you can use the map of the location of hotels in Dubai . This will simplify the choice and make it possible to choose the most optimal option.