Beaches, sea and entertainment in the resort of Constantine and Elena in Bulgaria

Beaches, sea and entertainment in the resort of Constantine and Elena in Bulgaria

The water complex of the balneological profile named after Saints Constantine and Helena is located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria . Tourists have long loved it for a truly unique combination of ancient history, modern architecture, comfortable natural conditions and climate. The resort was founded in 1908, that is, it is the oldest among all Bulgarian resorts. The name was given to him in honor of the monastery, which was located on its current territory. According to tourists, here you can safely relax on the beach, improve your health and have fun.

The resort complex Saints Constantine and Helena is located in a park on the seashore along the relief seashore. In fact, the resort is located between two important Bulgarian settlements - the city of Varna and the Golden Sands resorts. If you get bored, then there you can find all kinds of entertainment, including a water park, a zoo and discos.

If we talk about the local climate, then it is particularly mild. So in summer the air warms up to 28-30 degrees, and the sea - up to 25. The heat is perfectly softened by a cool breeze that constantly blows from the sea, as well as an abundance of green spaces. Since the air contains phytoncides of coniferous plants and sea evaporation, this resort will be very useful for those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system. In addition, there are many mineral springs. Doctors use the water from them to treat a variety of diseases.

The resort complex is represented by many hotels and a dozen restaurants. There is a five-star hotel "Grand Hotel Varna" and 16 hotels of lesser importance in 2-3 stars. No less interesting is the complex called Ditovishche, where there are 25 wooden cottages. According to the accommodation booking portal, in mid-September you can rent a double room starting from 16 euros per night.

We emphasize that in the resort you can not only relax quietly, sunbathing and swimming on the beach, but also spend time quite actively. There are volleyball, football and basketball courts for supporters of this lifestyle, as well as places for playing mini-golf. In addition, archery, fishing, diving, horseback riding are popular among vacationers. Children can spend time on playgrounds and attractions. In the beach area, tourists have the opportunity to have fun on water rides, splash in the pool with mineral sea water, and have fun at discos.

As for the beaches, they consist of quartz light sands. There is a gentle entrance to the sea, which is especially important for family tourists. The resort has long established a reputation as an excellent place for wellness procedures, and thanks to the available mineral springs, there is a medical treatment center with modern equipment. Water containing iodine, calcium, bromine, sulfates, magnesium ions has found application in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis, skin diseases, diseases of the digestive system, as well as the musculoskeletal system. Vacationers who wish to improve their health can take physiotherapy and massage procedures, mud and hydrotherapy, thalasso and apitherapy.

In conclusion, we note that the main pride of this Bulgarian resort is nature, represented by cozy sandy bays, stone cliffs and exotic greenery. If we talk about man-made sights, then these include the chapel of St. Constantine and Helena and the residence of the government of Evksinograd. The chapel is all that time left from the once large monastery. But on the territory of the residence, built in the New Baroque style, there are many sculptures, fountains and a staircase that descends directly to the sea coast.